Driving Down Claim Costs!

Medical Management

At Packard, we understand the importance of quality Medical Management. Early triage and intervention is a key factor in saving costs relating to early treatment and Return to Work and Stay at Work programs. Studies consistently show that immediate contact and proper care management is a crucial element in lowering your overall costs. More importantly, our Nurse Case Managers are our own employees. Our Adjuster to Nurse Case Manager Ratio is 2:1. Our Adjusters sit side by side with your Nurse Case Managers and together, they work to develop viable strategies to ensure prompt and proper care and treatment, a Stay at Work focus, close contact with providers and specialists and clear communication with your injured employee. We believe that by making the investment in a strong Medical Management program, we can deliver cost saving results to our valued clients.

Medical Network Provider (MPN) - CA Only

California Law requires the employer to provide and pay for medical treatment if employees are injured at work. SPLI is pleased to provide this medical care through a Medical Provider Network approved by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation. A Medical Provider Network (MPN) is a group of healthcare providers used to treat employees injured on the job.

Packard MPN Documents (Effective date 04/01/2017):

For additional information about the MPN, assistance with accessing the network, or to alert us about an invalid provider listing, please contact the MPN Access Specialist at (877) 854-3353 or email mpninfo@netbyd.com.